Sunday, March 4, 2012


I am officially addicted to making the Sorbetto top.  It's foolproof. This time I made it without the center pleat to focus attention on my newly purchased hand-stamped batik fabric. 

I figured the batik was pretty appropriate for wearing around town, as it's the official uniform for most Jakartans, especially on Fridays (here they have batik Fridays instead of Hawaiian shirt/casual Fridays).  The amount of batik available in the city is overwhelming... so many patterns, styles, different qualities, patterns, colors, etc.  I shouldn't complain because it is absolutely beautiful, but it's almost hard to know where to start!  This piece I used for my Sorbetto is just indigo and white, which is pretty traditional, and I am pretty sure the pattern falls into the "parang" category.

I love the simplicity of the all-batik top, but I am also really tempted to modernize it a bit by adding a contrasting edge in a super bright color like orange or fluorescent yellow or something.  We'll see.  Maybe my next Sorbetto...


  1. Just keep sewing just keep sewing! I'll like 'em!

  2. Send me your measurements, I'll make ya one!