Sunday, November 25, 2012

So Many Tiny Pocket Tanks

So many Tiny Pocket Tanks (all without pockets... I have a bias against unpractical pockets for some reason).  I love this pattern, though; it's quite cute and works so well with funky prints.

During their wild and crazy adventure here in Indonesia, the EPA girls took some time to pick out a piece of fabric each, to be made by moi into a Tiny Pocket Tank.  

Jenny chose this amazing navy and turquoise hand-made ikat in Ubud (I took the remainder of the cut and will probably make myself an identical shirt).  So beautiful.

 Ms. Guitar chose this funky batik and I convinced her that she should split the yardage (handmade batik usually comes in 2.25 meter lengths, the length of a traditional sarong, but not quite long enough for 2 tanks) and make one tank for her and one for her twin sister.  I cut the back of the tanks from a solid black cotton that I got at Pasar Mayestik here in Jakarta.

Eileen chose this cool, funky colored ikat.  Love it.