Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Latest Toddler Duds

Duds in the sense of clothes, not in the sense of disappointments, although I am a little disappointed with the sleeves on the sweater below.

Kate requested more sweaters for Izzy, and after my success modifying the Super Natural Stripes pattern, I thought I would try it again.  The body seemed to come out ok, but for some reason the arms are kinda fat. Not sure what happened there.  Sorry, Izzy!  Lots of extra space for the gun show, I guess.

Well, despite the strangely large sleeves, the sweater is pretty cute thanks to these heart-shaped buttons that I got at Pasar Mayestik here in Jakarta:

Barbara, on the other hand, requested more pants for Andrew.  I had already made and sent him some Big Butt Baby Pants, so this time I decided to make him some regular sized butt pants.  I used the pants pattern that had used for Zoe's batik and plaid outfit, Simplicity 1894.  I used some cute cotton plaid and seersucker that I also got at Pasar Mayestik.  I hope Andrew likes the preppy look!