Tuesday, April 9, 2013


When I was back in the States, I picked up this pattern book of cute children's knit hoodies since it was on clearance for $1.97.  Cheap is good.  Cute is good, too.

With plenty of beachside knitting time last weekend on Bali and Gili Air, I was able to knit up this little hoodie for Zoe pretty quickly.  I like the hem details- it actually has you knit a long hem on the hood, sleeves and bottom, then you turn it under and whipstitch just like a sewn garment.  The edge is really professional and sturdy.  In comparison, though, the placket neck seems a little flimsy.  Oh well.

The hoodie in the booklet is knit up for a little boy in a camouflage colored yarn.  The only time my version, knit in Lily Sugar n' Cream "Crown Jewels Ombre", would camouflage Zoe is if she wore it while standing in her great-grandmother Theresa's old dining and living room with their deep purple and green walls.