Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sheepish Greenpoint Cardigan

In a mad rush to make some Christmas gifts to send home with Tim when he heads back to the States next week, I whipped up this eye-searingly bright (in a good way) cardigan for Zoe:

The pattern is the Greenpoint Cardigan from Hey June.  I bought it as part of the Sew Fab pattern bundle, a crazy good deal that hooked me up with 26 patterns for $30. My theory was that even if I don't end up using one or two of patterns in the bundle, I've still scored a pretty awesome deal.  I'm interested to see what patterns are in the bundle next time around!

My version of the Greenpoint Cardigan, in this technicolor sheep knit that Martha bought me from Joann Fabrics (click on the pics for a closer view of the cute little guys), doesn't quite capture the mini-hipster vibe of some of the other versions out there, but I am pretty sure it is the brightest, happiest cardigan around, hipsters be damned.  The bright yellow buttons came from a giant mixed bag o' buttons courtesy of Chatuchak weekend market here in Bangkok.

The pattern is super easy to sew up, especially with my trusty serger, still loaded up with white thread from my Weekend Getaway blouse (man, I hate changing the thread on that thing.).  A good basic cardigan pattern that comes in a ton of sizes... even if I hadn't gotten the pattern as part of the bundle I think I would have bought it anyway.  Raglan sleeves and banded hems?  Don't mind if I do.  I envision many more of these cardigans to come in the future.