Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekend Getaway Blouse

Recently I realized that literally everything I have sewn for myself to date has been made from printed or patterned fabric...  with all of that pattern in my wardrobe, what I really needed was a simple white blouse.

I liked the new Weekend Getaway blouse from Liesel & Co. from the minute I saw it and only got more anxious to make it after seeing so many cute versions pop up on the interwebs
For white fabric, I wanted something light with a little bit of texture, but not something too girly like lace or eyelet.  Chuck and I found this fun textured, slightly stretchy cotton in Bangkok's Chinatown.  In retrospect, it might be juuuuuuust a little too stiff for this pattern, but really not too bad.  I had originally intended to sew the pockets on, but they were too bulky in this particular fabric, so I skipped them this time.

My next Weekend Getaway will be in a flowier fabric, I think, like voile or rayon challis. Now that I see the photos of myself in it, I might go down a size,too, because there is a ton of ease (also maybe due to the stretch factor in my fabric).  In fact, I might take the sides in on this one right meow.  I dig the pattern, though, so I imagine my next one will be sooner rather than later!

(As an aside, check out my Thanksgiving burn on my arm... ouch!)