Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pink Pajama Eater!

The Pajama Eater is pink... the pajamas need not be pink.  

Pajama eater waits patiently to be fed.
I got a copy of this cute Pajama Eater pattern by Sew Fearless as part of the Sew Fab bundle I bought last fall... it's the third pattern I've sewn from the bundle and definitely won't be the last!  I kinda can't wait to see what's in the next bundle, too!

Impatience grows, however: "Seriously, dude, I'm hungry!"
"Feed me!"
Super easy to sew... Made up in some heavy cotton (same as my polka dot blazer, but in pink to match Zoe's room), with regular quilting cotton for the mouth and lining and felt for the eyes.  The rounded bow is done per instructions here.  This is the first time I've used the satin stitch to applique anything (the eyeballs)... it worked out pretty well!  

"Pajamas!!!!! Om nom nom nom nom nom..."