Sunday, August 31, 2014

Candy Cane Striped Skater Dresses

Yes, I know, it's a wee bit early for Christmas stuff. I apologize for contributing in any way to the phenomenon of the Christmas onslaught beginning before Halloween, but I wanted to make some matching dresses for my nieces for their holiday card photos, so a bit of forethought was necessary.

I had some great red and white striped knit in my stash, care of the Real Martha (meaning it's old-school, maybe from the early '80s) that I thought would be perfect for Christmas dresses. Combined with the Kitschy Coo Skater Dress pattern, which worked out so well for my nieces earlier this year: Christmas-worthy (but still wearable in a non-Christmas setting) candy cane-esque dresses!  They've got a bit of a Where's Waldo feel to them, but nothing a cute kid can't pull off!

I love this pattern... so cute and so quick! I can cut and sew one together in about an hour if I've got everything set up.  Not much to say about construction. Like last time I made it, I did the neckline a bit different than in the instructions, inserting it in the round. Otherwise, by the book.

Can't wait to see them on the girls!!


  1. These are really cute! We must be on the same wavelength - I was lying in bed last night unable to sleep and thought - I need to get going on Christmas sewing. I would like to make my nieces a dress or two and I have plans to make my stepsons matching shirts. I better get on that! Good for you for planning ahead!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I definitely think it's worth getting Christmas stuff done in advance so you can actually enjoy yourself when the holidays roll around!