Friday, September 5, 2014

Matchtastic: Stripey Plantain

After I made my matchy-matchy striped Skater dresses for my nieces' Christmas photo, my sister-in-law expressed an interest... nay, a demand*... for a companion piece for herself, in keeping with the candy cane/Where's Waldo theme.

I only had so much fabric left from the piece of knit from my mom's vintage stash, so I had to opt for a coordinating t-shirt rather than a dress.  I went with my go-to t-shirt pattern, Deer and Doe Plantain. Love this pattern! 

Actually, love this designer.  Have you seen the new Bruy√®re shirt pattern Deer and Doe just released? Mine is in the mail. I'm hoping to join the sewalong, even though it's in French. High school French skillz, don't fail me now! Once upon a time I could read Baudelaire (le spleen!) and Camus in French and then write somewhat coherently about it, but now my unpracticed French is all jumbled together with Spanish and Indonesian and Thai. Hopefully there are lots of photos!

Back to my Plantain: I've made this pattern so many times now I think I might be able to sew it in my sleep. I've never tried stripe-matching a Plantain, though. My efforts on this one resulted in some not-too-shabby stripe matching.  I'm pretty happy with it! 

*Just kidding.  She just left me a comment saying "Does that come in Mommy size?" and I was happy to oblige.