Saturday, September 27, 2014

Scraptember: Figgy's Stellar Tunic

Hurrah!  I've finally gotten my act in gear to actually participate in a Sewcialists theme: Scraptember!!

And a fun theme it was... I hang on dearly to my scraps of all sizes in the name of thriftiness and environmentalism, always convinced I'll find a use for them. And yet the scrap pile is ever growing, never shrinking. Scraptember was an awesome excuse to dig in and put my scraps to good use.

I was torn between potential two Scraptember projects, both from patterns basically tailor-made for using scraps: another Anna Maria Horner Painted Portrait blouse with a scrappy yoke for myself or a awesome scrappy-sleeved Figgy's Stellar Tunic for my niece.

Upon perusing my scraps, inspiration struck for a Stellar Tunic made scraps from other projects... Robert Kaufman interweave chambray in lagoon leftover from my Sureau (and Market Day Tunic), beautiful batik from a) Colleen's seaweed-y Meghan, b) Liz's Meghan blouse, and c) Zoe's Ella raglan blouse, and neon popcorn knit from my Plantain for the body! I liked how the bright oranges and pinks of the batiks played off the orange flecks in the knit.

The Stellar tunic: such a cool pattern... I love the mix of woven and knits. You definitely have to keep track the sleeve pieces to make sure you sew them together correctly, though! It helped to keep them lined up in the right order:

And it was quite fun to use my scraps. Some were true scraps, tiny pieces I needed to manipulate and cut in one layer to make work. Others were larger pieces of leftover fabric... particularly my knit. While this popcorn knit didn't have enough recovery for the Plantain I used it for last, I thought it would work well for the looser fitting Stellar Tunic. Its lack of recovery did factor into my wonky neckline a bit, though...

Now that I've made the scrappy Stellar, I'm tempted to go back and make a scrappy Painted Portrait for myself, too. I'm a bit jealous of my niece's scraptastic top! Can't wait to see it on her!