Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Leopard Simplicity 1666: Cat Lady Sewing Challenge #2

And now for something completely different... my second entry into the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge!

This time, with 100% fewer creepy vintage cats and 100% more leopard print goodness.
Thanks to Erin for such a fun sewing challenge!

This is my second iteration of the Lisette Attache peplum blouse (also known as Simplicity 1666)... love it!  I wear my first one all the time and decided it was high time I made a new one.

Same approach to sewing the blouse I took for my first: skipped the zip (cut the back piece on the fold, minus seam allowance), tiny hem to maintain the length (I considered lengthening it just slightly but decided it might be a pain to lengthen it across all the bodice pieces), bias tape neckline instead of facings (I like the sleekness of bias tape). 

Love the shape of this blouse! Must make the dress version at some point, too.

The fabric: It's yellow, it's leopard, and it's totally outside of my comfort zone. 

And yet I couldn't leave it behind. In fact, I walked away from it after fondling it for several minutes, but ended up looping back around to buy it several hours later. Couldn't get it out of my head!  

It's a quilting-weight cotton print from Belleboo fabric here in Bangkok.

The verdict on the fabric + pattern combo: awesome. Leopard is a bold step for me as far as prints go, but I dig it. I was worried it might veer into trashy territory, but I think it's maintained its classy/cool edge.  What are your thoughts on leopard print?

Bonus cat pic since you made it to the bottom of the post. My cats love lizard stalking: