Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bubble Fairy Twin Dresses

A couple of dresses I am sending back to my nieces for Christmas!!  Based on their Halloween costumes, my understanding is that they are big into fairies.

When I saw this pretty fairy quilting cotton at BelleBoo, it made me think of them, but also reminded me of some flower and forest fairy books we had kicking around the house as kids. They had really intricate drawings of fairies wearing flower dresses. The fabric is sorta dreamy and whimsical in the same way.

The lining layer is some stripey shirting I had in my stash:

The pattern is the peplum bubble dress by Straightgrain. I made this dress in the past and loved it on my niece, Zoe. It's also one of the most popular posts on my blog... man, a lot of people get to my blog by googling "batik peplum." At the time I first made the dress, it was a free downloadable pattern from Straightgrain, but it doesn't appear to be available anymore, sadly. It's a pretty great pattern!

I made the same changes I did the first time I made the peplum bubble dress: switched out the back zipper for some buttons. The first time it was because I didn't know how to insert a zip, but this time it was just because I liked the look of the buttons!

In particular, I love how this one fairy is all "Behold!! A button. Praise be."

I made them a little bit big for the girls, but I hope they can layer them with t-shirts and leggings this winter and wear them as a single layer next summer...

Are you sewing any gifts this Christmas?