Monday, December 15, 2014

Dude Sewing: Striped Strathconas

Tim and I are not really doing true gifts for each other this Christmas.  We are forgoing them in favor of going diving in Bali for a couple days. Wooo! Life is hard.

But he's loved the Thread Theory Strathcona t-shirt I made him earlier this year to the point of it almost being worn out, so I thought it was worth making him a couple more as a quasi-Christmas present.

He's been working on his Blue Steel, too, so he wanted to show it off a bit:

Both cotton jersey knits are from my by-the-kilo knit source here in Bankok's Yaowarat fabric district, but they are very different from each other... the black and grey stripe is thin, soft and drapey, while the navy with orangey pinstripes is thicker, a bit stiffer and curls like a mofo on the edges. Fun to see how the different fabrics change the fit!

Like last time, I cut 4 inches from the bottom of the sleeves. I left the body length this time, though. Otherwise, by the book! Strathcona is a great pattern for Tim... he loves the slim, but not too tight fit.

My stripe matching down the side and underarm seams was pretty damn good, but I still struggle to match from the sleeve head to the chest part. Anybody got any tips on that?

Finally, have you seen the new Thread Theory pattern, Camas? This one is for the ladies!! Woo! Downloading it right now.