Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Floral New Look 6107 Blouse

Wow, I have had this pattern in my stash for a long time. I've been intending to make it, as I had a strong feeling it would be a solid pattern for me, but the newest indie pattern is always more of a draw than a stalwart Big 4 basic... or is that just me? But this Big 4 pattern is a winner and I'll definitely make it again:

In the new year, though, I've written out a list of patterns I own, but have not yet sewn. And it's out of control! So I am starting to chip away at it, bit by bit, while also putting forth my best effort not to buy any new patterns, at least for a few months (or until I make a significant dent in my existing stash). Here's chip #1 off the patterns I own block:

(And yes, I realize that, although I publicly stated that 2015 would be the year of pants, I have started the year with two tops. Welp, it's my blog and I'll sew what I want to. PS: this is my 900th published post on this blog. 900!!!! Damn, this shit goes way back, dudes, waaaay back.)

The pattern is New Look 6107, a cute button front blouse with fisheye darts in the front and back, a lovely v-neck, a yoke that carries over from back to front, shoulder gathers in lieu of bust darts...

The fabric is some pretty Japanese lawn in a painterly floral print that I got here in Bangkok. Love the colors! A bit more successful than my last Japanese lawn purchase.
Bigger flowers + brighter colors = better for Meg.

My sewing notes:

- I cut my normal Big 4 size (which is to say, two sizes down from what their size chart recommends... crazy ease!).

- My god, turning those tiny button loops right side out was a bitch! I ended up making them a bit wider than called for in order to get the tube to turn inside out.

- To be honest, I did not understand their neckline binding instructions. I ended up taking the binding piece, turning it into single fold bias tape and doing a bias tape facing. Its a bit wide, but it works.

- I topstitched the facings down, too, in one long line with the bias tape facing.

- I was going to use some charcoal grey buttons to de-girlify the top a bit, but Tim wisely advised me to use these little cream shank buttons instead. More fitting with the shirt style than the regular 4-hole buttons I was trying to use.

I adore the shoulder gathers (and only just noticed that the last few tops I have made for myself, Camas, Gillian and this one, all have similar shoulder gathers) and the flattering neckline.

I also really appreciate that there is a little strip of fabric behind the buttons to ensure no sneak peeks between the buttons when you are moving around. A nice, practical touch.

And the fisheye darts are pretty awesome... they help give the blouse some lovely shaping in the front and back:

All-in-all, New Look 6107 for the win! I will definitely plan to make this again. Contrasting yoke, perhaps? Solid color to show off the lines a bit?  Some special, funky buttons?

Have you made New Look 6107? How'd it go?