Monday, February 2, 2015

Muse Patterns Jenna Cardigan

Back in action after almost 3 weeks away from my sewing machine! I can't complain, though, as I was traveling to some pretty cool places (Krabi and Chiang Rai, Thailand and Luang Prabang, Laos) and doing some pretty cool things (island hopping, silk weaving, cooking classes...)!

This actually made this, the Muse Jenna cardigan, before I left on my travels, but didn't finish the buttons and buttonholes until just this past weekend. Squeezed in some magic time/witching hour photos and ta da!

I am on a little bit of a roll with Muse Patterns these days... first the Gillian wrap, now the Jenna cardigan. I guess Natalie will have to be next!

The Jenna pattern is pretty great; definitely a staple! I like how you can make a very basic cardigan, but then there are lots of other options with the gathered shoulders, cropped options and various sleeve lengths... versatile!

I made the cropped, no gathers, 3/4 length sleeve version, figuring it would go well over dresses for work. The fit is pretty great (I went down one size from my Gillian wrap blouse), with one small exception that I could have easily fixed, but for laziness.

Next time I make it, I could probably stand to do a swayback adjustment. (Yes, yes, I know I keep saying this and not doing it.) The length is pretty perfect in the front, but I have a bit of extra fabric in the back bodice when I let the back waistband sit where it wants to sit:

My fabric is this french terry I got locally at my favorite by-the-kilo knit seller on Sampeng Lane here in Bangko. I used it for my Mabel skirt, which did not work out well due to poor recovery, landing that skirt in my top 5 misses of last year. I thought the remainder might work for this basic cardigan, though, and it did. 

My determination on Jenna: winner. Will definitely be making this again in its basic and not-so-basic forms!