Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More Maya

Maya in all the fabrics!!

I am so enamored with my last Marilla Walker Maya top- I've worn it maybe 6 or 7 times since making it just a few weeks ago. Accordingly, I have been jonesing to make another.  For my second Maya, I wanted to experiment with making it in a drape-y-er (drapier? more drape-y?) fabric to see how it hangs, although I love the stiffer cotton batik I made it in last time.

I had some in my stash that fit the bill: some rayon challis (I think, nothing is ever marked) batik from Indonesia. Slippery stuff, somewhat sheer, but not too bad.

Unlike my first Maya, I decide to interface the neckline and armhole facings. The neckline worked out really well, but the sleeves poke out just a little bit. Maybe it'll soften up with washing?

Gah, the Maya pattern is the perfect blank slate. Love it.