Monday, March 16, 2015

Striped McCall's 6044

The chambray McCall's 6044 buttondown I made for Tim earlier this year went over so well (it's one of his favorites!), I decided to make him another one. This time, striped and in honor of his birthday, albeit a few weeks early...

Wow, adding stripes into the mix certainly ups the level of effort! While McCall's 6044 is a fairly simple pattern (no yoke, not a lot of bells and whistles), stripe matching, especially with an uneven stripe like this one, adds to the complexity. 

I think I was mostly successful on the stripe-matching, although the two-part sleeve gave me a bit of trouble and I can't figure out how to successful match the stripes from the body to the sleeve at the shoulder. And can someone explain to me how along a single seam, the stripes can match at the top and bottom, but not in the middle? Sigh. Just don't look too closely.

The fabric is a super-duper lightweight chambray-esque lawn (voile?)- I'm not really sure, honestly. It's soft and lovely, whatever it is. It's got these uneven stripes that look like they've been painted on. I got it locally at one of my go-to fabric shops here in Bangkok.

I made the same size for Tim as I did last time- large in the shoulders, halfway between medium and large from the armpits down. Cut the stripes perpendicular to the body for the cuffs, collar, collar stand and pocket for a little bit of interest.

Lookin' good!