Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chambray Joggers

 Chambray joggers!

I have these pants in my mind for a while now... 

I decided to make them for a couple reasons: 1) I'm on a pants kick as a result of Gillian's sewing dare and 2) I'm no longer working full time in an office as of a couple weeks ago, so I need some more casual pants for working from home/sewing/bopping around town.

 My chambray "joggers," as the kids these days call them, were made using the True Bias Hudson pant pattern and some Kaufman Chambray Union Stretch from the Imagine Gnats shop (affiliate link).

I pretty much followed Kelli's instructions for woven Hudsons (going up 2 sizes, lengthening the pants by 4 inches), but I also did a one-layer pocket to cut down on bulk in the hip area. I faced the pocket edge with some floral bias tape from the Japanese dollar store, Daiso

Finally, after consulting with my stylist... er, I mean, talking to Tim, I ended up putting 1 inch elastic in the cuffs. All the cool kids have elastic cuffs on their chambray joggers.

I think they came out pretty cool! I don't know if I'm quite hip enough to pull off this style, but I kinda don't care... they're so comfortable! I've worn them several times now since I made them, including on a 13 hour flight from New York to Tokyo, so I can officially say that they travel well and are so comfortable that you can sleep in them. Just don't expect to see me wearing them with high heels like these ladies... I'm going to keep it casual with my flip flops or maybe flats if I'm feeling fancy.

(Note: please excuse my crabby face in these photos. I took a series of blog photos all in one go and it was SO HOT on my balcony, by the time I got to these pantalones, I was spent, sweaty, red-faced and could no longer muster a true smile. May this non-smiling not reflect on how I feel about these Hudsons.)