Monday, December 14, 2015

Technicolor Tofinos

A few months ago I stayed a few nights at my (generous) friend Meghan's apartment for several nights. While I was there, I was rocking my Tofino pajama pants (#memadeeveryday), which earned compliments from her. She liked the piping and the fun colors.

Now, Meghan and I have a history with regard to pants. Although not the same size, we tend to find that we fit into the same style of pants. Many years ago we dubbed one another "PFF," for "Pants Friends Forever." Now that I write that on the internet, it sounds weirder than it is. But you know how traumatizing shopping for pants can be, so having a PFF to identify and share potentially workable pant styles/brands/cuts is very comforting!

Anywho, since Meghan liked my Tofinos and we are PFFs, I figured the pattern would work for her, too, and set about making her a pair to thank her for her hospitality.

The fabric I chose is actually in the same line as the orchid fabric I used for my Tofinos, quilting weight cotton from Belleboo. It's an insanely bright, sort of mod print.

Add in the red piping (storebought) and a yellow waist tie (salvaged from a pair of my own pajama pants that bit the dust recently) and I ended up with some seriously amazing technicolor dream pajama pants. Hopefully the brightness doesn't keep Meghan up at night!

She loved her pants and looks quite cute in them! PFF 4 life!

"They are ah-maaaaaazing! Also I have a whole new respect for how hard it is to take pants selfies.":