Sunday, January 31, 2016

Silver Silk Three's a Charm Jacket

I was in love with this pattern the second Decades of Style started giving sneak peeks on Instragram... such a cute style that can be made in so many different fabrics! I love that the shape allows it to be worn with a dress or otherwise, too. 

It's an unlined, fitted jacket with fisheye darts in front and back, plus bust darts and shoulder darts for shaping. I love the pointy shape of the front bodice. It's perfect for highlighting a fun statement button (although I went sans button for this particular jacket) and your waist.

On a roll with cutting into my silk stash after my green Roberts blouse, I went with some Thai dupioni silk. I had purchased a remnant at the Jim Thompson factory outlet a few years ago that was the exact amount needed for this jacket... fate, I tell you. It's a gorgeous silver color. Interestingly, when you look at the threads up close, they're actually cream in one direction, and alternating navy and grey in the other. I find it fascinating that those colors blend together to make this silvery metallic sheen!

The problem I discovered with this fabric, though: it wrinkles like a mofo, and shreds like one, too. To keep the silk's sheen, I didn't pre-wash this time (gasp!!). I was thinking I would treat this one with trips to the dry cleaner. I dunno, though... the stiffness of the fabric makes me think maybe I should toss it in the washer on delicate? 

The stiffness is particularly evident in the darts, which look like I didn't press them (I did, I swear!) and the sleeves, which kinda makes it look like I am wearing exhaust ducts on my arms. Well, either that or robot arms a la Bender or Plex. What say you, sewing friends? Wash? Don't wash?

Speaking of sleeves, I found them to be a bit long, at least in my size. It looks like they're bracelet length on the models and they're described as 3/4 sleeves, but somehow on me, they're in that no-man's land between that and full-length. Next time I'll give shorten them a bit. I'll have to figure out whether to do the shortening at the upper or lower arm, because the sleeves on this jacket have an elbow dart. Why don't all sleeves have an elbow dart? Makes sense, the elbow being so bendy and all. 

I might narrow the sleeves a bit at the forearm, too, while I'm at it.

This was my first time working with a Decades of Style pattern and I would recommend it- very professional, lots of nice details, thorough instructions. Good stuff! I have their E.S.P. dress pattern in my stash and I am thinking of bumping it up the queue now!

Other than my very minor (and easily remedied issues with the sleeves, I am really loving the fit of the jacket! I definitely plan to try sewing it in a fabric that is a bit easier to work with and more of an every day fabric than silk. Tanya's plaid version has me thinking plaid might be the way to go...