Saturday, January 2, 2016

Top 5 of 2015

I know it's cliche to say this, but, wow, where did 2015 go?!! I meant to post this before year-end, but my Aussie holiday was all-consuming. Meaning I consumed everything in Australia: caramel slices, flat whites, sausage rolls, etc. But I digress...

It's time for the Top 5 Sewing Hits and Misses again, the brainchild of Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow. I'm not adhering to her format exactly, but she loves a good hack, so I think she'll understand!

Top 5 Hits:

1. Union St. Tees- Definitely my most worn weekend wear! The perfect v-neck. Enough said.

2. Maya- I love the versatility and simplicity of this pattern. I wear one of these at least once a week. I can't really choose a favorite between my purple cotton batik or my green viscose batik versions...

3. Batik McCall's 6044- This is not the first or last time I've made this shirt for Tim, but this version is the one that consistently gets him the most compliments. People love the traditional fabric combined with the non-traditional element of the contrasting collar stand and button band.

4.  Appleton wrap dress- Love this dress! Comfortable, effortless, stylish. I have fabric for 3 more versions waiting in the wings to be sewn up...

5. Bettine- I get a ton of wear out of my funfetti and floral Bettines... the perfect weekend dress for heading to the farmers market or grabbing a beer. I think I'll give the edge to the funfetti Bettine, though. Can't beat the comfort of rayon challis!

Just barely missed the top 5 (ok, so this is really a top 8 list):

1. Beatrix- I made a straight-up Beatrix for myself that I love, a buttonless one for my Mom that looks great on her, and a Beatix/Ravenna hack/combo that is super fun. A good, basic blouse!

2. Anna- 2015 was the year I rediscovered the BHL Anna dress, thanks to the International Anna Party. I adore both versions of Anna (giant floral circle skirt and stained glass gathered skirt) that I made this year. The only reason neither made the Top 5 is because they don't get worn regularly, but that's more a lifestyle thing than a desire thing. For me, though, an easy make that looks amazing in basically any fabric? Yes, please.

3. Barb Stretch Pant- Not a glamorous make, but so, so awesome to have a well-fitting staple in the secret pajamas category.  On my Melbourne trip, I just picked up some pinstriped stretch bottomweight at the Tessuti Christmas/Boxing Day sale that I plan to turn into Barbs.

Top 3 surprises (and an associated reflection): 

These 3 makes surprised me... and made me think I should be more confident about sewing things outside my typical style comfort zone! 

1. McCall's 6083 jumpsuit- I adore this jumpsuit! I never thought a jumpsuit could work for me, but turns out I love it. It's comfy, it's stylish... yes. Bonus: corny joke fodder for days (see here and here).

2. Inari tee dress- All bets were against this one working for my body type, but in the end, I love the shape and it's super comfy.

3. Birkin flares- the fit on these babies: good stuff! I was doubtful flares could work for me, but I am in love.

Top 5 Misses:

1. Anderson blouse- Still not sure how to salvage this one... I just think the pattern is not for me, despite how much I want it to be! But that fabric... maybe I can still cut something else out of it.

2. Gillian wrap blouse- This pattern still has potential, I just need to make some tweaks! I've never worn this blouse, though.

3. Marianne dress- Just not a winner for me... I just don't feel good in it. Haven't worn it. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. 

4. Oceanside shorts- The rise in the back is just not high enough to consistently cover my butt crack. Crack is wack! Haven't worn them.

5. Ponte Bess Top- This is a fabric choice issue. I like the top- the shape, the little pleats, the cool sleeve- but after a few wears, I realized that poly ponte is just not a fabric I can wear much in Bangkok. It just doesn't breathe enough for me and feels stifling in the heat.