Monday, February 8, 2016

Pinstripe Barb Pant

I apologize in advance for what is a fairly boring post: a pair of pants that I have made before, in a color that is difficult to photograph!

A review of all of my 2015 hand-made items reminded me how much I love the Style Arc Barb's Stretch Pant pattern. Also, it just won one of Pattern Review's Best Patterns of 2015 awards, so it appears I am not the only on who loves it!

They're so quick to make, so simple... and totally wearable! I love the sleekness of the pants and the secret elastic waistband. I wear the grey pair I made earlier in the year all the time. It was high time I made another pair.

Luckily, some delightful fabric found its way into my stash over the holidays. This stretch pinstriped fabric is from Tessuti in Melbourne, purchased 50% off (yesssss!) when I was there during their Christmas sale. Honestly, I cannot remember the fabric content...  at the time I think I was a bit star-struck from running into the lovely Lara from Thornberry, who was then kind enough to organize and invite me to a Boxing Day cocktail hour with some ladies from the delightful Melbourne-area sewing crew (hi, ladies!!!). Anyway, the fabric is stretchy and a bit squishy/spongey. It's a little bit unusual in that the stretch runs perpendicular to the selvage.

Not much to say about the construction: same as last time, I cut the size closest to my hip and tightened the waist elastic just slightly to be in line with my measurement there.

You can't argue with office-appropriate secret pajamas, now, can you?

Again, sorry for the terrible, overexposed photos... black is the worst!! I'm wearing them with my Sewaholic Yaletown blouse here, but you can see these Barb pants in action in my Three's a Charm jacket post, too, if you're interested.