Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Amy Butler Glow Shirt-tail Tee

After the big success that was my first Hot Patterns Fast and Fabulous Shirt-tail Tee, I decided to make another...

I wear my first, striped Shirt-tail Tee all the time. I love how comfortable and cool it is in Bangkok's heat and I love its shape: boxy and yet not, due to subtle shaping in the side and back seams.

This time I opted for the solid, rather than pieced front, making this an incredibly quick project. 

The fabric is Amy Butler Glow Knit in Quartermoon Mist- a lovely, squishy interlock cotton with good recovery. I love the neon on grey color scheme!

I sewed it all on my machine with the stretch/lightning bolt stitch and used Megan Nielsen's neckline binding method again.

My curved hem was more successful this time- I ran a basting stitch at 1" from the hem and used that as the turning guide. Much smoother!

I imagine there will be more of these Hot Patterns Shirt-tail Tees in my future. I just love this pattern! I need some solid colored tees in my life.

PS: what is that goofy face I am making in the above photo??!! Derp.