Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Testing, testing: Nita Wrap Skirt

Today I'm sharing my tester version of the brand new Nita Wrap Skirt pattern from Sew DIY.

This simple but fun wrap skirt comes with 3 length options (mini, midi, maxi) and 3 waist closure options (button, tie, belt with D-ring). For my tester version of the skirt, I opted for the midi-length with a button closure at the waist.

The fabric I used is some inexpensive cotton fabric I bought in Bangkok's fabric district. It's machine woven, but meant to mimic traditional handwoven Thai fabrics. It came as a 2-ish meter length sewn into a tube for wearing as a sarong. I cut it open and my pattern pieces fit perfectly on the fabric if I cut on the cross grain so that the border stripes went along the hem of the skirt.

I opted not to sew a lining for this particular skirt, but perhaps I should have. This fabric is a bit lightweight for a skirt, in retrospect, and wrinkles like crazy.

I used a pretty mother-of-pearl button I had in my button jar. This skirt is perfect for showing off this random single buttons we all hoard. Oh, is it just me hoarding single buttons? Oops.

I love the simplicity of this skirt- it sews up so fast! With the different length, closure and fabric options, plus the bonus full coverage front wrap (with a less dramatic angle on the wrap), this could be a versatile wardrobe workhorse.

I think next time I make it, I may have to fiddle with the front darts a little bit- perhaps lengthen and narrow them- as I am getting a little puffiness/hollowness beneath the darts at the abdomen area, as you can see in the photos. Thoughts on how to remedy this?

I love how the Nita Wrap Skirt pattern can look wildly different depending on fabric choice - check out the other fun tester versions on Instagram. I think it can look very modern or a bit vintage, depending on your fabric.

By the way, I've been trying out some new poses and faces... this look below is called "WTF are you looking at, guy in neighboring apartment building?" What do you think? I'm thinking it's the new "smize" and will clearly be sweeping the nation.

Anyway, that's my Nita Wrap Skirt! You can read more about this new pattern from Beth on the Sew DIY blog. Keep in mind that it's 20% off during its launch week, too!