Thursday, June 30, 2016

Style Arc Nina Cardigan

Waterfalls and sweater knits...

Inspired by Mary's pattern review (and her gorgeous striped version!), I decided to make myself the Style Arc Nina Cardigan. I love the idea of a waterfall cardigan with some shaping so it doesn't look like I just took a long rectangle of fabric and sewed sleeves into it...

It may seem weird to sew a cardigan for myself while I'm living in hot, hot Bangkok, but I end up carrying and wearing a cardigan pretty frequently since many buildings (the office, the mall, the movie theater) are extremely over-air conditioned. A lightweight cardigan is a necessity. It was also going to see some action on my trip to Perth this weekend, but the trip got cancelled. Booooooo.

Anyway, for my Nina, I went with a Hacci-type sweater knit in light grey with black slubby/nubby bits. I got in the clearance section at Joann Fabrics last year when I was in the States. Fun texture, the perfect light weight, a little bit stretchy...

Not much to say about construction. The pattern comes together really quickly. Once I had the PDF taped together, it probably only took an hour and a half to cut and sew. Maybe less if I hadn't been distracted by OITNB! I did it entirely on my serger, cavalierly ignoring the instructions to use the sewing machine and pivot at the corner where the bodice and bottom hem piece meet the neckband. It turned out totally fine and no one will be the wiser!

I am torn on hemming my Nina; the pattern calls for serged edges, but I don't like that look. So, for now, I have left it unhemmed, save the sleeves, which I turned up 1" and twin needle stitched (they might still be a teensy bit long). I used some Fray Check on the ends of the serged seams for now. 

While I test out the unhemmed garment, I'll practice some hemming alternatives suggested to me by my Insta-buddies (serger rolled hem, turn and zig-zag, turn and twin needle, narrow zigzag the raw edge) on scraps to see which one works best and maintains the cardigan's fluid drape.

I like my Nina cardigan! Great for throwing over basically any outfit, casual or dressy. I'll definitely plan to make some more... maybe in a fun color like Jean, or stripes like Mary. Or both!