Friday, July 1, 2016

Swimsuit Sewing Resources

In case you missed it, June was Swimwear Month at the Curvy Sewing Collective! I just want to share some of the posts I worked on for Swimwear Month here, as they're applicable to curvy and non-curvy sewists alike! Lots of great resources for anyone interested in sewing a swimsuit...

Swimsuit Pattern Round-up: I pulled together a pretty comprehensive swimsuit pattern round-up. Worth a look if you're thinking of sewing a swimsuit this summer or in the future!

Swimsuit Alternatives: I helped Megan compile a list of swimsuit alternatives (think rash guards, board shorts, skinsuits, swimdresses) for those days you're doing something active in or near the water, or if you want to be more covered while at the beach or pool!

Swimsuit Sewing Basics: This post is a super useful list of swimsuit sewing tips, tricks, tutorials and advice, covering everything from fabric and needle choice to applying swimwear elastic and adding bust support to your suit. I've definitely bookmarked this post for myself to refer back to!

Jalie 3350 Swimsuit Pattern Review: I already pointed you guys to this one, but if you haven't read it yet, check out my review! Also, while I didn't sew it for Swimwear Month, my Maison Fleur 8101 is worth a look, if I do say so myself.

Those are just the posts I wrote or helped out with, but the CSC's Swimwear Month contributors killed it with a ton of informative posts, beautiful swimsuits and helpful pattern reviews. 
Go check them out!

My newest dilemma, though, generated by all of the Swimwear Month awesomeness, is which swimsuit to sew next: Lisette for Butterick 6360, or the Closet Case Sophie Swimsuit?

I'll probably sew both, but while I wait for supplies to arrive for those two, I've already cut out another Jalie 3350 with the scraps from my Seamwork Aires leggings!!: