Friday, July 15, 2016

Diana Wrap Dress Review

Here's a sneak peak:


  1. This is beautiful. So twirly, which was always a requireme to when I was a little girl. How big is your closet, by the way? You are such a prolific seamstress. If I sewed as much for myself as you do, my closet rod would fall down!

    1. Thanks so much! Very twirly ;-) Ha ha, my closet is a bit overstuffed. I've been trying to sew more for others recently, but I am selfish and end up sewing one for them, one for me, one for them, one for me.

  2. I saw this over on the CSC blog - so pretty. I prefer this silhouette of wrap dresses, with a full skirt and a waist seam, I think they actually fit better and have more opportunities to get a good fit. Also that fabric is gorgeous - perfect choice.

  3. It looks beautiful!! I love that blue!!