Monday, July 18, 2016

Groove Dresses for All!

A Groove dress for everyone, today here on Cookin' and Craftin'.

I've been getting my money's worth out of the Groove dress pattern (both the kid and adult versions). Two for me (here and here), one for my sister in law, one for my friends' daughter, one each for my nieces... and those are just the Groove dresses blogged to date!

This pink and white striped Groove dress was made as a belated third birthday present for the daughter of our friends here in Bangkok. You know it's a hit when she strips down and puts on the dress you made within a minute of receiving it. And she twirls!!

 Groove dress made per instructions, save the neckline: I sewed a band rather than the binding, because this knit is not all that stretchy.

These next three matchy-matchy Groove dresses are for my nieces and sister in law, made earlier in the summer: 

They love dressing alike, so I decided to help them out with that...

I didn't have enough of one fabric to make all three (fairly) fabric hungry dresses, so I opted to mix and match two colorways of the same striped neon jersey.

Turned out pretty cute and the girls seem to love them! I've spied photos of them on Facebook wearing the dresses weekly... example of them patiently awaiting sundaes in their matching Groove dresses:

My mom sent some photos of them in the dresses, which are great for twirling, of course:

Ha ha, too sunny to look straight on:

Also great for dancing:

More Groove dresses to come from me, I'm sure!