Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Style Arc Olivia: Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress

When my friends Meghan and Liz came to visit and travel with me a few months ago they both complimented me on my oh-so-comfy Style Arc Olivia dress. I offered to make them each one of their own. Twinsies!!

(Don't worry, they live halfway across the country from one another, so are unlikely to show up to an event accidentally wearing matching dresses!)

For their Olivia dresses, we chose a rayon challis in a gorgeous abstract floral that we found at one of Hanoi's traditional markets... I wish I bought all the colorways! Here's a photo Liz took of me bartering (not very well) for the fabric at Dong Xuan Market:

Although I would be sewing their dresses after they had gone back to the States and wouldn't have access to them for fittings, Olivia is a fairly forgiving pattern, fit-wise, since it has an elastic waist and no closures. The Olivia dress is also an insanely easy sew, especially when done assembly line style as I did with these two dresses.

Liz's was a straight size, whereas for Meghan, I went for a smaller bodice graded to a larger skirt. I sorta eye-balled shaving a bit of fabric off the top of the skirt so it matched the bottom of the bodice. As I was making them (and sneakily trying Liz's on, hope I didn't stretch it out, buddy!), I was thinking that for my next Olivia for myself, I will size down at least one, maybe two sizes on the top, as I find the bodice of my Olivia to be a little bit roomy.

In this slippery fabric I topstitched the neckline facings down, figuring they would endlessly flop outwards if I didn't.

Both of their Olivia dresses turned out beautiful, if I do say so myself, made even more beautiful when these lovely ladies put them on! This dress is seriously like those jeans in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants- looks fabulous on everybody!! I don't know if the dress has any magical, life-altering powers, but it looks this good and feels as comfy as it does, then maybe?

Thanks for sending my photos, ladies! It makes my heart happy to see you looking smashing in the dresses I made you!