Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Alexandria Trousers for Me

I loved the pair of Alexandria Peg Trousers that I made for my friend Colleen so much that I made a pair for myself!

(Again: overexposed photos to show details. Black fabric + pants = impossible photos)

I used the same basketweave fabric (also used for my Marilyn dress), but switched up my pocket fabric to some spotty rayon challis scraps.

I don't have a ton to say about sewing the Named Alexandria Peg Trousers pattern that I didn't say last time I made them. The pattern is easy to sew and goes together very quickly.

I adore how the pleat forms to cover up the edge of the pocket. Very clever!

As far as fit on me, I am really happy with them. I always worry with loose-fit pants like these that, although I fit in the hip size, the thighs will be like sausage casings on my legs. But that's not the case here... hooray!

The rise is not too low, but not high either. I am still trying to find the optimal place for them to sit on me so the pleats don't make my belly look bigger from the side.

I love how they look from the front and back, though! Nice fit on the bum and they hang well.

I wore them as my travel togs on a weekend getaway and can report that they are the perfect airplane pant.

The length is a little bit strange; it's neither here nor there. I feel like I might shorten them ever so slightly? I can't decide.

I'm still puzzling through what to wear with the Alexandria trousers. Here I've paired them with my Seamwork Akita blouse, which I think works pretty well. I wore them with a t-shirt this past weekend and that worked well, too, for a more casual look. I also like how Colleen styled them with a lightweight sweater... excuse me while I run off to make myself a lightweight sweater!

Another Curvy Pants Month make checked off the list!