Thursday, February 16, 2017

Style Arc Margaret Pants

Another Curvy Pants Month make! I am on a roll. Making pants, meeting sewing goals, kicking ass. Or something.

This is the Style Arc Margaret Stretch Woven Pant.

Style Arc describes the Margaret pant as "a fabulous basic pull on pant suitable for a stretch woven fabric, simply perfect, so easy to make and wear. The leg is not too slim just right for all occasions."  My mom, who also made the Margaret, echoed the sentiment about the leg cut, telling me it was "slim fitting in an office way." Ha!

It's got darts in the back for shaping and an elastic waist. You sew the elastic to the top edge of the pant and then fold it to the inside and topstitch with a twin needle.

The fabric I chose is bengaline, I think. I got it locally, so it wasn't labeled, but it's a very stretchy poly (or poly blend?) woven, but it's soft and thick and perfect for these pants. In some ways it sort of acted like a woven, but in others more like a knit. I ended up using a jersey needle.

 I triple-stitched the crotch and butt seam because it was stretching pretty fierce. Security, y'all.

The Margaret pant has a nice, deep, two-inch hem. I did a blind hem by machine to keep it neat, although my blind hem foot didn't like the thickness of the bengaline much, so some of the stitches are a little bit janky.

I love the Margaret pattern! I know this pair is super boring (hard to get excited about plain grey pants), but I like the smooth fit up top, the perfect not-too-wide, not-too-skinny leg shape, and I'll wear them all the time. Win. Plus they're named after me (my given name is Margaret), so double win!

I paired these Margaret pants with my silky green Maya top, but I feel like they'll go with most tops in my wardrobe.