Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Pineapple Reeta Shirtdress

Is it still the case that #pineapplesaresohotrightnow, or am I five years too late? I'm not sure I care either way. Because I am going to wear the heck out of them no matter the answer.

This is the Named Reeta Midi Shirtdress, which I have been meaning to make for a while now after admiring so many others in the sewing community (see: Katie, Tori, Shauni, Helen and Caroline, and sew on and sew forth)! 

I have actually had a version of this pattern cut out since like January or February, as it was my original day dress option for Elizabeth's Day and Night Dress challenge. But the rayon challis I used was infuriatingly hard to cut and wouldn't take any type of marking, so I got frustrated with it and balled it up in the corner.

Reeta got a second chance, though, after I purchased some novelty print pineapple fabric on a whim... I'd been eyeing this funky pineapple fabric at Joann for a while, but didn't feel the urge to buy it because of the price. But on sale for 70% off plus an additional 20% off? More doable. 

I'm not typically a novelty print gal, but every few years a fruit print gets me. The woman who cut this for me at Joann had a different reaction to this fabric; she let me know that she hated the color and the pineapples (has anyone else dealt with overly opinionated shopkeepers?). I shrugged and went on my way.

This fabric is soft and drapey with a hint of stretch and quite a strange consistency. I thought it was a woven, but some googling told me it is a "micro pique knit," 71% model and 29% polyester. I treated it like a woven for purposes of this dress, as it doesn't have much stretch (although I sewed the sleeves in flat like a knit). It presses ok, but not great, so I took some additional steps to make my dress look more polished, like understitching the button band/facing as well as the collar.

Because of the large scale print, I decided not to use the chest patch pocket pieces from the Reeta pattern. I didn't want to break up the pineapples too much (although now I have a bit of a pineapple boob situation happening). Also, because of fabric limitations, I had to cut the sleeves with out the turned-up cuffs. I cut them about one inch below the first notch and then just hemmed 3/8" and then 3/4".

This is a size 48 Reeta, which seems to be my ideal Named size. No fit changes. I used grey mother-of-pearl-esque buttons from my stash, which I sewed on by machine using these instructions (and no special foot, a revelation!!), and some grey cotton ribbon-y stuff as my waist tie. I may switch out the tie for something nicer if I find it.

I really love this dress! It's incredibly comfy in this soft fabric, and very swishy and fun. I love that it contrasts the sort of conservative shirtdress style with those side slits. Good stuff. Maybe I'll pick up my UFO rayon challis Reeta again and have a second go...