Friday, December 28, 2018

Sew Twists and Ties: A Sewing Challenge

I've put together a little sewing challenge!

I was looking at some of my recent pattern purchases (McCall's 7429Trend Patterns Twist Dress and Papercut Patterns Meridian Dress, for example) and realizing that I had a real theme going... lots of patterns that have interesting twists, ties, or knots incorporated into the garment as an eye-catching design detail! I've really been drawn to these simple, but dramatic details, apparently.

With this theme in mind, I decided, on a whim, to organize a little twist and tie focused sewing challenge! This will be a pretty casual and flexible sewing challenge...

Sew Twists and Ties

Dates: January and February, 2019

Challenge: Sew up a pattern that incorporates a twist, knot or tie of some sort and share it with the sewing community!

Hashtag: #sewtwistsandties

Honestly, I'm mostly organizing the challenge to motivate myself to sew up some of my twist and tie patterns. Between now and the end of February, I'm going to sew up several patterns with a twist or tie incorporated into them, and I hope you'll try one, too!

Here on the blog I'll post some inspiration throughout the challenge in the form of pattern round-ups and projects from the sewing community that fit the theme. 

I'll also have some of my own finished projects as well as a few twist-sewing resources like tutorials and videos. There will be a giveaway or two throughout the challenge, so keep your eyes peeled!

Please join in the fun and sew up some twists and ties yourself! Do you have any projects that fit this theme already on your sewing list? On Instagram we can share WIPs and finished projects using the hashtag #sewtwistsandties... hope to see you there!