Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Evil Eye Toaster Sweater #2

My mom loves a Toaster Sweater...

You'll remember we made a Toaster Sweater #1 together a couple of years ago, then I made her another one. Sometime in there she made herself a Toaster Sweater #2, although found that her fabric was a bit floppy at the neck. 

For her birthday this year, I made her another Toaster Sweater #2 out of a firmer fabric, leftover evil eye double knit from the Cashmerette Concord dress I made myself a few months back.

My mom is more of a true pear shape than I am... tiny on top and bigger in the hip region. She measured a size small for the shoulders, and although her hips would have her probably 2 sizes up, this top is boxy enough that the straight small worked just fine.

 I did shorten the sleeves by 2"... those are some long sleeves!

I think this pattern, in this fabric that really holds its shape, looks great on her! 

I think she likes it, too!