Friday, November 30, 2018

Wool Gabardine Jenny Trousers

You know you're onto something good when you make a red velveteen coat and a sparkly gold crop top, but all anyone can ask about is your trousers... 

These dream pants are the cropped trouser version of the Closet Case Patterns Jenny Overalls. After making my Cone Mills denim version of the Jenny overalls earlier this year, I really wanted to make the trousers for everyday wear.

You might remember I muslined the cropped trousers back during Me-Made-May and loved the fit of the size 18, although I was trying to figure out the right length for me.

I ended up shortening them by 2.5 inches to show off a bit of ankle. I'm 5'7", but my legs are not very long and I thought the hint of ankle was flattering.

I went with no pockets and one side zipper for a sleep look. Damn, I love a lapped zipper! So elegant.

The fabric is some wool gabardine suiting from my mom's stash, possibly older than me. It's hard to say. I can say, though, that I am sold on wool gabardine as a fabric after working with it!

This wool has a striped effect in the weave (does all wool gabardine?). I've never worked with wool suiting before, but it was a delight. Easy to sew and press (with the help of the clapper on occasion), warm but not itchy to wear. Nice drape!

I looove these pants. Even though I made them to wear to Ottawa Frocktails with my sparkly Adria crop top, I think I will wear them regularly to work with a sweater, blouse or probably one of my two Hvar jackets!