Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Organic Pique Jalie 3137 Polo

This is the Jalie 3137 polo shirt for Tim. Pique is just so classic for polo shirts...

I love the fit! This is a size CC. The only fit changes I made were to:
a) Hem the sleeves rather than use the band provided. The sleeves would have been too long otherwise, and I wasn't sold on the band anyway, style-wise.
b) Skip the epaulets on the shoulders. Neither Tim nor I were feeling them.

I did have some trouble with the Jalie 3137 placket instructions. I don't know if I misunderstood, but I ended up with some raw edges on the inside that I am not happy with, and some puckers on the front. I would do it differently next time...

Also, the one-step buttonholer on my Janome hated these plackets and would not form a proper buttonhole. Instead I went with the 5-step buttonholer on my older Bernina, which worked better, but not great. Not my best buttonholes, if I'm honest.

But it gets worse... I accidentally sewed the breast pockets shut when I sewed the pocket flaps on. Doh! I was worried that unpicking them would totally ruin the front of the shirt, so I just left it and sewed the buttons right through all the layers. Not my finest moment.

But despite my best efforts to screw this shirt up, it actually turned out quite nice in the end! It looks really great on Tim, fits well, and he likes it, so that's all that matters.

Plus, we can twin now! Bahahaha... just kidding, you will never catch us twinning in real life. I will do all I can to never wear my Pembroke dress on the same day Tim wears this polo.

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