Monday, November 26, 2018

Sew Frosting: Sparkly Seamwork Adria

This project is one part Sew Frosting and one part Sewing Leftovers, and I love it!

Now I know a sparkly crop top is pretty tame by some people's standards, for me, it's definitely sugary and impractical, like frosting!

This is the Seamwork Adria, a v-neck cropped top made for wovens. It's got a deep v-neck, front and back waist darts, and elbow-ish length sleeves. I though the Adria would pair perfectly with high waisted skirts and pants, which are my favorite.

Here I've paired it with some Closet Case Patterns Jenny trousers, which I'll post about soon! I topped it all with my red velveteen Simplicity 1067 jacket for a luxurious look.

For my Adria, I cut a straight size 14. I didn't make any adjustments. My typical full bicep adjustment wasn't even necessary, which was nice. I'm quite happy with the fit! 

The Adria is super quick to sew. The only deviation I made was to topstitch down the neck facing because I found that the stitches blend right into my fabric, and I didn't want it popping out.

The sparkly fabric is crepe leftover from the Itch to Stitch Bonn dress I made a couple years back... I had about 28 inches of full-width fabric, as well as some large-ish scraps, and I still able to squeeze out the Adria with some creative cutting. Yes! Sewing Leftovers are so satisfying.

I am in love with this top! I wore it for Ottawa Frocktails and felt super comfortable and yet very frosting-y at the same time. I'll definitely plan to make more Adria tops with some of the more wild prints and small remnants in my stash!