Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sew Twists and Ties: Named Ruska Knot Dress

My second Sew Twists and Ties project!

Like my Megan Nielsen Jarrah Sweater, this one falls into the "ties" category. I gotta get on those twists before this challenge is done!

This little black dress here is the Ruska Knot Dress by Named. The pattern is included in their new book Breaking the Pattern, which contains a whole bunch of cool projects with Named's signature sleek and cool designs. 

The best part of Breaking the Pattern is that each of the patterns has several different options for mixing and matching. The Ruska has options for a long dress with split hem, a mock turtleneck, a t-shirt, and this knot dress: 

I cut my usual Named size, size 48, with no fit changes. I chose the shorter hem and the long sleeves for a winter dress, with the t-shirt style neckband rather than the mock turtleneck.

The fabric is black rayon lycra from my stash. I think I might have bought it on Sampeng when I still lived in Bangkok, but I kinda can't exactly remember. Massive stash issues, I guess! The fabric is black, so of course you're only going to get overexposed or underexposed photos from me, none of which show the details of the dress! Terrible photographer issues, I guess.

So: fit. I'll admit that this is not my best Named pattern project ever, as far as fit goes. As you can see it's dragline city around here. And a bit clingy, too, although I imagine some of that has to do with fabric choice.

 I think perhaps I should have sized up at the hip and lengthened the skirt... it's feeling a little snug and short for my taste! I may crop it into a shirt like Joanne as a solution for this one. 

I'm gonna give this one a firm "Meh." But I still like the concept! If I were to make it again, I might take a pattern I know fits me, like the Cashmerette Concord, and merge the Ruska's knotted overlay onto it. 

How about you? Have you made anything from Breaking the Pattern? Working on anything for Sew Twists and Ties


  1. This dress was pretty much the one thing I liked from the book. I ended up 'hacking' my (now beloved!) B6621 to do the tie-front overlay.

    So yes! I have 3 dresses, from that pattern, with twists or ties! :-p

    I really love it in black!! Do you have a knit slip? That could help it sit more smoothly (and especially with tights...knits love clinging to tights!). And if the length is bothering you, try a more opaque tight!

    Definitely one to give another looks great on you.

  2. Too bad Named patterns only go up to US size 18.

  3. I think the length is great. And it does look really good on you. I'm guessing you'd like it more in a more stable knit though. It's tough to feel comfortable in something that clings where you don't want it to though.

  4. I agree about the nature of the rayon spandex for cling. I suspect that is the biggest cause of your drag lines, and would occur still after all kinds of fitting edits. I think a slip might be a great answer. You’d get all the drape swingy without the cling!

  5. Hi Meg! I've made this dress, too (yet to be photographed) and had a number of fit issues I don't often encounter with Named! I used a dense French terry, and I really like the weight of the fabric, but I had to do a 2 1/2" FBA, and could use another 1/2"! Named woven patterns fit me straight out of the envelope, but this knit block needs some work - especially for such a dense fabric. I made a tester version in a looser knit, and the FBA was not as crucial. Anyway, I love all the patterns using this block, so I'm determined to make it work and have a Ruska party!