Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Sew Twists and Ties: McCall's 7429 Twist Dress

I've finally made one of the dresses that originally inspired the Sew Twists and Ties challenge!

This is McCall's 7429, an elegant knit twist dress with lots of options: two lengths, long sleeves or sleeveless, a mock turtleneck or crewneck. I've been admiring versions of this dress for years now (see some of my favorites here!), and I'm delighted to have finally made one of my own.

The fabric I chose is not exactly what McCall's 7429 calls for... I wanted to use a thicker, more stable knit than the pattern requires for so I had to make a few minor adjustments. The fabric is a rayon ponte from my stash and doesn't have the requisite two-way stretch (it has enough stretch across the grain, but falls short in vertical stretch).

Because of my fabric, I decided to size up (well I guess I was sizing up; I always struggle a bit to choose a size in Big 4 patterns!). This is a size 22. It worked pretty well, although I think if I made it again in the proper fabric, I might opt for a size 20 bodice and 22 hip since the shoulders are ever-so-slightly wide...

For my McCall's 7429, I went for the shorter view, with long sleeves and the crew neck - View B. 

Other fit changes I ended up making as I went along: shortened the sleeves by 1.25", narrowed the hem to 0.5" to give myself a little more length in the skirt (in retrospect I should have opted for the longer view!), and did a facing on the neckline instead of a band, as I was finding it choked me a bit.

Also, I think the lack of horizontal stretch is causing some weird extra fabric at the center chest and drag lines at my left hip. If I make the dress again I will endeavor to use the correct fabric!

I have plans to make a longer, sleeveless version for warmer months... I'm liking the concept of this pattern, but my execution and choices could use improvement!

What do you think? Have you ever made a fabric choice error that affected fit in a noticeable way? How it is that I've been sewing for years and I still make these mistakes?! 


  1. I guess you are human like most of us. I certainly have made my share of fabric for patterns mistakes! The dress looks fabulous. The fitting "errors" are not that noticeable until you pointed them out. Enjoy wearing it!!

  2. I know you said you used the wrong fabric but I do like the dress in the beefier fabric. Hopefully you will make the next one in fabric you really like!

  3. It looks really great! I also had trouble finding the fabric I wanted with the required stretch, but I don't think you can tell with yours at all :) I definitely need to make another version of this pattern! xx

  4. Nice article as well as whole site.Thanks.

  5. I like the pattern and the dress as you sewed it. The fitting issues are probably a lot more noticeable to those of us who sew, and not at all to anyone else. That said, I do still make my own fabric choices that create fit issues. If you don't do this once in a while, you probably aren't really sewing much. The overall choice of the ponte in the short version with the black tights is great on you.

  6. I like the dress, and it has inspired me to use some fabric I have and maybe try the knot dress. I hope I find the pattern locally to give it a try.