Wednesday, July 24, 2019

White Linen Blend Adria

You probably caught a glimpse of this top last week in my Pietra Shorts post, but I thought it deserved its own post!

I've had this top in my mind for a while now, but the Sewcialists Mini Challenge a few weeks back (in which you had a long weekend to sew something any shade of blue, coral, yellow, black or white, the colors of the Sewcialists logo) sparked me to finally sew the damn thing! I spun white on the Sewcialists color wheel, which was just perfect.

The white fabric I used for my top is a textured linen/rayon blend remnant from Joann that I bought several months back. The remnant was about 7/8 of a yard, but we'll call it a yard for purposes of my Stash Shrinker/Season of the Stash/Project Fabric Fast efforts, though!

The pattern is Seamwork Adria, a cropped top with bust and back darts emanating from the hem, elbow length set-in sleeves, and a deep, faced V-neck.

You'll remember I made this pattern last fall as part of my Ottawa Frocktails outfit. I used a remnant that time, too (well, sewing leftovers)!

I cut the same size, size 14, just like my last version. I had to piece the facings together a bit because of the remnant situation, and do some creative cutting, generally. but it worked out perfectly! So satisfying to use up that remnant!

One thing I like about the Adria is that those darts help it from feeling you'll flash the world if you lift your arms. Quite comforting in a cropped top. I wore it to work with my Ninni Culottes and felt very secure.

I really love this top! The pattern works well in this fabric, and the resulting top is sure to be worn on the regular (provided I don't spill anything on it!). It goes really well with all of the high waist skirts and pants I've been making recently. Three cheers for basics!