Wednesday, July 24, 2019

White Linen Blend Adria

You probably caught a glimpse of this top last week in my Pietra Shorts post, but I thought it deserved its own post!

I've had this top in my mind for a while now, but the Sewcialists Mini Challenge a few weeks back (in which you had a long weekend to sew something any shade of blue, coral, yellow, black or white, the colors of the Sewcialists logo) sparked me to finally sew the damn thing! I spun white on the Sewcialists color wheel, which was just perfect.

The white fabric I used for my top is a textured linen/rayon blend remnant from Joann that I bought several months back. The remnant was about 7/8 of a yard, but we'll call it a yard for purposes of my Stash Shrinker/Season of the Stash/Project Fabric Fast efforts, though!

The pattern is Seamwork Adria, a cropped top with bust and back darts emanating from the hem, elbow length set-in sleeves, and a deep, faced V-neck.

You'll remember I made this pattern last fall as part of my Ottawa Frocktails outfit. I used a remnant that time, too (well, sewing leftovers)!

I cut the same size, size 14, just like my last version. I had to piece the facings together a bit because of the remnant situation, and do some creative cutting, generally. but it worked out perfectly! So satisfying to use up that remnant!

One thing I like about the Adria is that those darts help it from feeling you'll flash the world if you lift your arms. Quite comforting in a cropped top. I wore it to work with my Ninni Culottes and felt very secure.

I really love this top! The pattern works well in this fabric, and the resulting top is sure to be worn on the regular (provided I don't spill anything on it!). It goes really well with all of the high waist skirts and pants I've been making recently. Three cheers for basics!


  1. Between the top and the shorts, you've got a structured but summer-y outfit. I love how crisp and cool the pieces look together.