Friday, April 10, 2020

Testing, testing: Cashmerette Calder Shorts

Hello blog readers, long time no see!

I've been a bit distracted and busy with work during the current crisis and haven't done any garment sewing for 3 weeks or so (although I sewed over 200 fabric facing coverings!). 

However, I did find some time to take photos of my tester version of the latest pattern from Cashmerette. This pattern test ran way back in October, which seems like a lifetime away!

To be clear: I tested the Calder pattern for Cashmerette and received a copy of the pattern for free in exchange for my efforts. There have been a few changes to the pattern since testing, but pretty minor.

The Calder pattern is a wide-legged woven trouser or short. They have a flat front with an elasticized back waistband, faced in-seam pockets, and three length options. There are two fits: a dartless apple fit and a darted back pear fit. 

I'm not historically a shorts wearer, but after making my Pietra Shorts last summer, I may have turned a mental corner regarding shorts. As such, I obviously tried the shorts version of the Calders.

Based on my measurements I chose the apple fit and I *think* this is a size 16 (I can't find my notes for some reason). I'm pretty happy with the fit, but I'm curious to try the darted version to see if I can get rid of a smidge of the extra poof under the waistband and above my bum.

For fabric, I opted for some Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen from my stash for these Calder shorts. The linen/rayon blend is the perfect weight and drape for the pattern. I believe this is the O.D. green colorway, which looks much darker on the computer screen than it is in real life.

Interesting details about the Calders: the side seam sits slightly to the front, which threw me off at first, but actually makes it much easier to get your hands in the pockets. 

And the pockets: they're in-seam pockets, which I typically hate and avoid, but the method is really unique (albeit a bit complicated) and results in a nice flat pocket, anchored into the waist seam so it doesn't flop about.

To sum up: the Calder pattern is quite cute! I love all the colorful versions of the pants I've seen so far, so I'm looking forward to trying the trouser view!