Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Zadie Jumpsuit in Black

I've had another Paper Theory Zadie jumpsuit on my list for about a year now, and I just finally got around to making another one!

I love my original version of the Zadie so much - I think it was my favorite make of last year. I wore it weekly all last spring, summer and fall, by itself or layered with a jean jacket or cardigan.

But in that tropical floral print, it wasn't the most practical. I really wanted an office-appropriate Zadie jumpsuit in a solid color. That seems comical now, because who knows when I'll be back in the office, but I think this jumpsuit is perfect for my home office, too, because it's so comfortable.

I had purchased some "silky noil" from Imagine Gnats before they closed shop (insert crying emoji). You might remember that I made a top from this substrate last summer, and loved it. After that I went and bought more of it, in 3 additional colors!

The silky noil is a medium-weight viscose linen blend woven. It’s matte, with a kind of cross-hatch texture, nice, heavy drape, and super soft feel. Perfect for a super comfortable jumpsuit.

I cut the same size as my original Zadie, a straight 18. I've put on some weight since my original version, but this size still works since there is a fair bit of ease in the pattern. 

I do feel like I have some extra poofiness above the butt in this version. I'm considering trying to retroactively turn the back tucks on the pant into darts. We'll see. 

Like my tropical Zadie, rather than bind the edges of the wrap, I used a bias tape facing. I used some Meg-made bias tape that coordinated with my fancy rainbow serger thread:

Plus I added one of my Stitch Collective labels, so the insides of this jumpsuit are a bit of a party:

I interfaced and topstitched the ties because I found the ones on my first Zadie tend to wrinkle up and collapse in my stomach rolls when I sit. A little structure was needed.

I'm pretty delighted with this Zadie. It may quickly become my new work-from-home uniform!

Oh wait, one more photo for that person that commented that it looks like I have to pee when I cross my legs in photos: