Monday, July 12, 2021

Green Floral Elodie Wrap Dress

Woven wrapstravaganza, part two! See my last post for part one.

This is the Closet Core Patterns Elodie Wrap Dress, which I've been meaning to make since last summer. 

The Elodie pattern has release pleats at the bust as opposed to the darts that the Hannah has, cut-on sleeves (where Hannah has set-in), and a voluminous (but ungathered) skirt in multiple lengths. For my Elodie, which I was treating as sort of a wearable muslin, I went with the above-knee length version with shorter sleeves. 

The pattern goes up to a size 30 (58 inch bust, 51 inch waist, 61 inch hip). I chose a size 20 from the curvy, D-cup range according to my measurements, which seemed to work out great. I didn't make any fit adjustments.

Since this was intended to be a wearable muslin, I used this rough cotton fabric from my stash. I originally purchased it at a market in Hanoi. It's not high quality fabric, but I loved the floral and phoenix print (a relative of the print I used for this Charlie Caftan last summer) and it was dirt cheap. 

If you've been to Hanoi, you probably saw this fabric used for curtains or cushion covers (particularly at the local coffee shop chain Cộng Cà Phê... please treat yourself to their frozen coconut coffee there if you ever find yourself in Vietnam!). 

In any case, this fabric was perfect for a wearable muslin! I wanted to use a fabric with a little bit of body since the versions of the Elodie that I had admired most were made in more casual, structured fabrics. 

Plus I wanted to use this version as a test for cutting into a beautiful piece of essex linen I had ice dyed a few months back...

Construction-wise, the Elodie is a pretty straightforward sew. The only thing I found tricky was the opening for the belt/tie at the waistband, which involves some hand sewing. Mine is a little messy as a result, but it's covered by the belt so I'm not worried about it.

I made some small construction tweaks as I sewed up this dress: I interfaced half of the ties for a bit more structure (probably unnecessary in this fabric!). I skipped the patch pockets. Finally, I finished the skirt hem with bias tape to maximize length, rather than doing a double-hem.

I'm really happy with the fit of my Elodie. The only thing I might consider tweaking is taking a small wedge out of the upper chest. When I'm standing up, it looks great, but when I sit/slouch, which I'm wont to do, it's slightly gape-y. But only ever so slightly...

I like the waist tie that wraps all the way around (as opposed to Hannah's side tie). There's something about it that makes the whole dress feel more secure and less likely to unwrap. This is clearly a personal paranoia of mine.

Despite not having a lot of overlap relative to the Hannah (or the Roseclair, more on that soon), the skirt it feels very secure and not flash-y or anything. The fit is really nice in the lower back and bum, skimming very nicely over my body.

I'm quite happy with my Elodie dress! This style feels very "me" in a way that the Hannah dress didn't. I know folks hate this word, and it gives me the creeps when other people say it to me, but I find this shape more flattering on me than the gathered skirt look. Plus the Elodie dress in this fabric feels fun and playful and summer-y. 

Spoiler alert: I liked it so much, I cut into my ice dyed fabric with this pattern!