Friday, July 8, 2022

Block Printed Seamwork Bo

 A bit of block printing fun for you this week!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a block printing workshop with local Vermont artist Beenanza (aka Bethany). Bethany is a delight and the workshop was really fun. 

We used the woodblocks she had designed to play around and try printing on different substrates- linen, cotton, bandanas. 

She had all sorts of themed blocks, many of which were sort of modular - designed to mix and match and work together. She had letters, geometric, botanical, fruits and veggies, office supplies... lots of options!

And we were also allowed to bring an item of our own to print on! I bought a partially sewn Seamwork Bo top made from Kona cotton. 

I cut it out in a panic about an hour before the workshop because I was running behind and it was the only white fabric in my stash! 

I stay-stitched the neckline and basted the shoulders together, which worked great for printing. I could lay it pretty flat and didn't have to worry about the ink bleeding through from back to front or vice versa.

I used some of Bethany's geometric blocks (striped triangle, circle and an asymmetrical triangle) on my Bo, printing a continuous line of design up and over one shoulder, which turned out pretty neat! 

I used navy blue, an orangey-red and bright pink, which turned out to be a fun color combo.

I love the texture of the block printing and the way each press is different from the last depending on how consistent you are with coating the block with ink or putting pressure on it (spoiler: I was not consistent). 

Regarding the Bo top: the Kona quilting cotton is probably a little bit stiff for this pattern- I prefer the drape of my linen/rayon Bo- but it works in any case.

Like my other Bo tops, this is a size 14, which is probably two sizes down from the size the body measurements chart tells me to make. It's quite a boxy, oversized pattern!

I'm pretty smitten with my block printed Bo! It's fun and summery, and I'll wear it proudly. 

Hopefully I can avoid spilling something on it, which is what I tend to do with white tops!