Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Corduroy Shacket- Simplicity 1328

Corduroy shackets for all! 

After my success with my corduroy Shoalhaven Shacket, I thought my brother might like a corduroy shacket for his birthday.

I've made him a few shackets over the years using the Simplicity 1328 pattern (now out of print).

I think this is the fourth one, but it's only the second to make it to the blog (see here for his brown flannel version).

I love the two-pocket situation on this pattern. This is View A. 

And I feel like the split hem makes it more shacket-y and less shirt-y. 

I chose a beautiful 14-wale corduroy from Stash, in the "ocean" colorway. The bluey teal color is so rich!

I used heavy duty snaps in antique brass for closures.

I cut the cuff facings, buttonband facings and inner yoke using leftovers from my sister's hoodie, herringbone flannel also from Stash. And then promptly forgot to take photos of that feature (to be fair it was very cold during our photo session, so I may have been rushing!).

Construction drama story: after some procrastination, I finished this shacket pretty last minute and had Tim try it on to celebrate. Tim immediately noticed that I had pulled a real newbie error and sewn the sleeves on backwards, so the tower plackets were on the front of the sleeves. Nooooooooo!

I had a minor breakdown, and when I gathered myself I unpicked both sleeves to switch them. Tragically during the unpicking I somehow managed to rip the left sleeve vertically through the corduroy ribs at the sleeve head. Double nooooooo! 

I patched it with some interfacing and zigzagged the hell out of it. You can hardly tell it's there. But it still annoys me.

I think my brother liked it, though! Here he is giving his best blue steel:

Also, he has having a, ahem, big birthday, so I used this lovely label from Inside Voices on the inside: