Friday, December 9, 2022

Trainers French Terry Fleece Toaster Sweater

Whew! Back after a bout of COVID that kicked my butt. I sewed this project and took these photos before I had it, or at least before I knew I had it...

I've sewn up another cool weather classic, the Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater #1 pattern. I just love this pattern and get so much wear out of all the versions I've made over the years

Some of the very old versions have been relegated to sleep/loungewear, but many are still going strong in my winter wardrobe rotation. 

Like my last Toaster Sweater #1, I cut a size 20 from the newer curvy range. The pattern goes up to a 61.5" bust and 64" hip. 

The fabric is Trainers French Terry Fleece in Sienna from Modern Domestic (I don't see this colorway on their website, but they have several other colors), purchased when I was in Portland earlier this year (and the amazing Becky organized a shopping trip and happy hour!).

The fabric is a hefty 95 % cotton/5% spandex blend. Heavier than t-shirt fabric, but on the light end of the sweatshirt fleece spectrum. It's soft and thick, smooth on the exterior. Very easy to sew and pleasant to wear- I could see myself buying more of this stuff.

Curiously the stretch in this fabric seemed to go in the opposite direction from what it normally does- it seems to go along the grainline, not the crossgrain. 

Upon further investigation, maybe I'm not imagining this: Surge Fabric shop says that the stretch percentages are 20% horizontal and 50% vertical. In any case, I ended up cutting my project on the cross grain, rather than the straight grain, to get the fabric's stretch to go around my body.

I did lots of topstitching on all of my seams for a bit of interest and texture. I just used a lengthened straight stitch- maybe 3.5 mm?

I'm very happy with this Toaster Sweater! I'm wearing it as I write this... comfortable and in a fun color, which is basically my criteria for sewing projects these days. I'll wear it tons, I'm sure.