Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Green Granny Go Round Jumper

I'm on a roll with the yarn arts these days!

After completing my most recent crochet project, I almost immediately bought yarn to start a new one. I found it very satisfying and relaxing!

The yarn is Knit Picks City Tweed DK in the Grove colorway, which Knit Picks calls "a brightly botanical greenish yellow" and "a verdant shade of lichen with flecks of oaky brown, pale sandstone, and ashy charcoal." 

It's a nubby merino/alpaca blend.

This colorway was on a deep discount in November during Knit Pick's big annual sale, so I bought a sweater's worth and had at it.

I opted to make the Iron Lamb Granny Go Round Jumper again since I really enjoyed the process of making it as well as the final product

I love that with the top-down, no seaming method of construction you can try on the sweater as you go. It's both very encouraging and it helps give you confidence that it's going to fit properly.

This time I skipped the stripes and just went with a single color for the whole sweater.

Not having to change yarns really made this project zip by. 

Well, that and I got covid and had 5 days of alone time with not enough energy to get off the couch. That really helped this project along!

This Granny Go Round Jumper is a size 2XL (the pattern goes up to  size 4XL, designed for up to a 57 inch bust), and I used a size G/4 mm hook.

It fits a little bit closer and is a little bit lighter than my last version, probably because I used the recommended yarn weight (DK) rather than going off recipe and using a heavier yarn (my striped version used a worsted weight). 

It's still pleasantly boxy, though!

I'm pretty delighted with this sweater. I like that it can be dressed up with a skirt, or worn with jeans. It's super comfortable! I've worn it twice already.