Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Striped Wool Jackson Sweater

Christmas gifts have been opened and are now slowly coming to the blog...

This gift for Tim was partially of his own making. He purchased the fabric himself in Japan several years back during a long layover in Tokyo. I suggested to him that if he had time that he should stop by Tomato. And he actually did! He did a great job picking out fabrics, including this one.  

The fabric is a lovely wool jersey. It's navy with wavy red stripes, and has an interesting texture that I didn't notice until I was cutting and sewing it. 

The red stripes are actually not wavy, they're straight. The navy sections seem to be knitted with varying tension so it's denser in some places, where the red stripes are closer to one another, and more loosely knitted where the red stripes are farther apart. 

The overall effect is to make the red stripes look wavy, and to give the fabric a bit of a cool crinkled texture.

In any case, given the wavy stripes and crinkly texture of the fabric, I opted not to try to match any stripes. 

The horse behind Tim is clearly judging my lack of stripe matching: 

For the pattern, I went with the Helen's Closet Jackson Tee and Pullover. The Jackson is a gender-inclusive design with a slightly dropped shoulder and crew neck. There is a pullover view knit bands for the cuffs and the hem, or a tee version, both in two lengths.

This is my third time making the pullover Jackson for Tim - see version 1 and version 2 here.  

Like the previous Jacksons I sewed for him, this is a size 18. This is a View D, the longer pullover with long sleeves and a hem band. I lengthened the sleeves by 2.5 inches and the body by 1/2 inch.

He really likes it! He likes the lightweight warmth of the wool jersey, in particular. I think it looks pretty spiffy.