Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Sew Fancy Pants: Seersucker Free Range Slacks

 One final #SewFancyPants project for the month. 

And trying out a new winter photo-taking spot in my sewing room in the basement. 

Another theme from this month, besides sewing pants/trousers/slacks is trying the "curvy" or expanded size range of a pattern I've made before... this time it's the Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks.

I've made the Free Range Slacks several times over the years, to great success. Most of these pairs have been worn almost to death since they're counted among my favorites: they're worn, stretched out, and some of them a little snug these days. Time for some new ones. 

My past pairs were size 16 from the original size range; this pair is size 18 from the curvy range. 

This pair is version 1, the tapered leg view.

My fabric is a seersucker from my mom's stash, probably from the '80s. Very summery. It looks sort of purple-y in these photos, but up close it's a tiny brown and blue check.

Fit-wise, they seem ok, although I think I might prefer the size 16 from the original pattern!

 I was feeling like the rise in the back on these might be a little lower than the non-curvy version, so I compared the pattern pieces and it definitely is, by like 3/4 of an inch.  I am a bit surprised by that! It’s giving a little wedgie.

 And  the calf is a little bit tighter. When I compared the pattern pieces, the back leg is ever so slightly narrower on the curvy 18 than the original 16. 

I only compared the two back leg pieces, and I’m not going to do a full pattern analysis, because frankly I don’t know enough about pattern making to speak intelligently about it, but there’s a few key points to consider if you span the size ranges!

Pretty happy with them, although it remains to be seen if I sew the curvy version again or just size up in the original version!