Monday, January 23, 2023

Sew Fancy Pants: Wide Legged Wool Pietra Pants

Another Sew Fancy Pants make!

I have been meaning to make another pair of the Closet Core Patterns Pietra Pants for years now. I outgrew my original pair, and have been curious to try out the newer, larger size range.

Last time I made the Pietra pants, I made a size 18 from the original range. Interestingly, my current measurements also put me in a size 18, but in the larger size range. The measurements for the two size ranges are fairly different- you can read more about the different size ranges here

This is View A, the wide legged pant, in the full length. 

The fabric is a super soft charcoal grey wool suiting from my stash. Actually, I think it's from my mom's stash. She has lots of wool since she frequented a woolen mill outlet in the '80s and '90s. Wool is such a delight to sew.

My Pietra pants are made pretty much as-is from the pattern. I did end up taking up the hem by another half-inch, as they were almost dragging. I could potentially take them up a bit more.

I shortened the black elastic ever-so-slightly after trying them on and knowing the elastic would stretch a bit more after topstitching. I took it in by maybe by a half inch?

I'm happy with the fit; they're maybe a teeny bit big, but I would rather that than small, I think.

Super comfy. Definitely planning to make a pair of tapered Pietras.